Opening an iOS app from another iOS app.

Opening an iOS app from another iOS app.

In this example, I am going to create a link from one iOS app, in this example, I am going to open the Cheeky News App with Cheeky Radio Pro.

First, open the Cheeky News app in Xcode:

Open the info.plist for the app:

Right click and add a new row and select URL types:

Over the Item 0, click on the + and select URL schemes:

In the third column, give the app a unique name, in this case CheekyNews.

Run the app.

In the app you are going to link from, the link you will use is CheekyNews//

In this example, Cheeky Radio Pro this goes in the PopUpMenuViewController.swift file:

The link in this example is called by:

@IBAction func NewsButton(_ sender: UIButton) {

        if let url = URL(string: “CheekyNews://”) {




Run the app and make sure it works. Job done. Go and get a coffee, you deserve it.

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