Install phpMyAdmin on Fedora

Install phpMyAdmin on Fedora

So, I wanted to install WordPress onto my localhost, but I didn’t have phpMyAdmin installed.

Please note: or the owners of this site cannot be held responsible if things go wrong. You perform these tasks at your own risk. This is for advanced users only.

To install phpMyAdmin, open your terminal and input:
sudo su
You will be prompted for your password. After you have entered your password you will be using terminal as root.

Updating the system

First thing, update your system using the command
dnf -y update
This could take a while.

Install phpMyAdmin

Once you have updated, it’s time to install phpMyAdmin using the command:
dnf -y install phpmyadmin

phpMyAdmin will now install.

Finally, restart httpd using:

systemctl restart httpd


Once you are back at the starting point in your browser navigate to where phpMyAdmin will be installed, this will be in the format:

In this example it is localhost/phpmyadmin

By default username is root and password is your roots password. Stick the username and password in and hit enter:

Job done, if you want you can change your password from this interface.


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