Orange or Red on WAMP installation

Orange or Red on WAMP installation

So, for work I was provided with a Windows Server. To run the scripts I wanted I had to install WAMP. I did this on my own personal server initially for testing purposes.

But I had a small issue, it came with the error where the WAMP sign refused to change from Red or Orange to Green as it should, I was stuck with:

So what did I do to fix this? I hear you cry (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Well, the first thing I did was check the port to see if anything was running on port 80 (from what I have seen this is the port I have seen WAMP use), in CMD I ran the following command:

netstat -anb

Although I didn’t see anything, I did have Google Chrome installed, Skype also use port 80, so I thought why not change the port number, I will change it to 7080. Running:

netstat -anb


netstat -ana

Will show your what ports are in use.

Port 7080 should be a fairly safe bet, so now you need to open your http.conf file, click on the orange or red WAMP sign, go up to Apache and click on httpd.conf:

Open this file and search for:

# Listen

Below this you will see something like:

Change the :80 to :7080 (you may not have the second line, I added that) so it looks like:

Save the file.

Go back to the orange or red WAMP icon and restart the server:

Click restart all services.

If it goes to plan it will now turn green:

Now, a further issue that I had was that I could not access the server just by going to http://localhost, I had to go to http://localhost:7080:

Navigate to:


note – change apache2.4.27 to the version you have.

open httpd-vhosts.conf in your preferred editor, I am using Notepad ++:

Change the

<VirtualHost *:80>


<VirtualHost *:7080>

Or whatever port you changed it to:

Save the file.

In your httpd.conf find:

ServerName localhost:80

and change to

ServerName localhost:7080

Restart the server.

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