Install MediaWiki

Install MediaWiki

So, I was asked to install MediaWiki on a Windows Server 2012 R2. This example shows you to install when using the server with a GUI.

You can transfer the files using your control panel if you don’t have a GUI, and in theory it should also work the same with a Linux based operating system.

Download the latest version of MediaWiki from If you are using Semantic MediaWiki as well check to see which version the latest version of Semantic MediaWiki requires to run.

Open the .tar.gz file in your software of choice that uncompresses the files, I use 7 Zip on Windows:

Open the folder in 7 Zip, and highlight all the folders and files:

Click on the ellipsis (three dots) and navigate to where you want to install the Wiki, you may need to create a folder, this will generally be in the WAMP folder or VAR if you are using Linux.

Click OK,

and OK

in your browser navigate to the wiki, in this instance localhost/wiki

Open a new tab and go to phpMyAdmin:


Click on new:

enter a name and click on create:

Go back to the Wiki installer and click on complete the installation:

Click continue

Click continue:

If you need t change anything do so, and click continue:

Change if you need to and click continue:

Complete the details and hit continue:

Complete the details, I am making it so users have to have accounts to add content, no license footer, enable emails, enable all all the extensions and file uploads, and for now Vector as the skin, click continue:

Click continue:

Click continue:

The LocalSettings.php file will download, once it is downloaded transfer it to the root of the Wiki:

In your browser navigate to your domain name, in this case localhost/wiki:

Installation is complete.


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