Customizing Cheeky Radio Pro

Customizing Cheeky Radio Pro

So, you have downloaded Cheeky Radio Pro, you have tested it and it works. Now it’s time to customize the App for your needs.

Thankfully, most of the hard work has been taken care of, you just need get your stream(s), change the images and the links to your station App for news and your website.

First of all, you may need to download the Apple design resources. I am using GIMP, hence I needed to download the PSD files.

Changing the look and feel

To change the look, we need to change the imagesets.

Navigate in the your finder to:


The main directories in the images.xcassets you need to be concerned with are:

  • AppIcon.appiconset – this is where your apps icons are located,
  • LaunchImage.launchimage – this is the image you see when the app first launches,
  • background.imageset – this is the background to the app, you will need to change this to fit your stations design,
  • logo.imageset – this is your stations logo,
  • swift-radio-black.imageset – this is another location for the stations logo, this is for a version that is on a black background.

The other directories are up to you if you change, the purpose of these are:

  • albumArt.imageset – this is a default image when the station is playing on the off chance you don’t have any images assigned to the track being played,
  • btn-close.imageset – this is the close button,
  • btn-nowPlaying.imageset – this is the button to show what is playing at that time,
  • btn-pause.imageset – this is the pause button,
  • btn-play.imageset – this is the play button,
  • icon-hamburger.imageset – this is the hamburger to open more options such as about the station, go to your website and any other apps associated with the station,
  • icon-info.imageset – self explanatory, tis is the information icon,
  • share.imageset – this is the share image,
  • slider-ball.imageset – this is the slider ball for the volume control,
  • stationImage.imageset – this is the default image for the station if you do not have one assigned,
  • vol-max.imageset – this is the speaker showing the volume on maximum,
  • vol-min.imageset – this is the speaker showing the volume is on minimum.

For those of you who have noticed, I know I have missed a few. These are:

  • NowPlayingBars.imageset
  • NowPlayingBars-0.imageset
  • NowPlayingBars-1.imageset
  • NowPlayingBars-2.imageset
  • NowPlayingBars-3.imageset

These are the bars that mimic a graphic equaliser effect.


  • station-80s.imageset
  • station-classicrock.imageset
  • station-killrockstars.imageset
  • station-spaceland.imageset
  • station-sub.imageset

These are what come with Swift Radio Pro, I have left them in place at the moment, I may remove them in the future. These are the icons that are called by the Swift Radio Pro stations.

With the images, modify to how you want them to look.

Assigning stations

In Xcode, locate the files stations.json, it is located in CheekyRadio_Pro/Data:

Modify to your needs and save.

The name is the name of the station.

The streamURL is the URL to your stream (ideally M3U).

The imageURL is the location of where your station logo is located, this will be displayed in the play section and where your station button is.

desc is the short description of the station.

And finally, the longDesc is the long description of the station.

This may be a good point to make sure it is all working.

Customize the about pages

On the app you will see an about page, navigate to where the Main.storyboard is:


On the top line you will see the window:

Not 100% sure why the image isn’t showing. But on here you can edit the text about the station.

On the next line you will see:

On the first window, change the Open Source Project and Based on Swift Radio to whatever you want. If you don’t have a news app, but want to link to a station app, either delete the News or rename it.

The second window is the about the app page, here just type in what you want.

Links to website and other apps

To make a change to the links, navigate to:


Open the file PopUpMenuViewController.swift, you will see:

Change the link to your station where we currently have

If you have another app you want to link to leave the second section in, just change the name CheekyNews// to the app you want to call.

If you don’t have another app to go to delete:

@IBAction func NewsButton(_ sender: UIButton) {

        if let url = URL(string: “CheekyNews://”) {




You can see how to create the links in apps over here.

Changing the app name.

Finally, we need to change the app name to the name of your station.

You will need to change the App name. From the main screen, change the app bundler, name version, associate the development team and name:

On the right hand side of the screen under identity and type you will see another name, this will change the apps name. You will get an alert:

Job done, test the app. You can now release it.

As stated before, you will need to pay Apple $99 to publish to the App store, this is an annual subscription.

Any questions, please ask via the support forum, if you need my personal assistance then please contact me via the contacts page. Please note payment for my personal services will be required.

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