Resetting Windows 10 to factory reset.

Resetting Windows 10 to factory reset.

So, my Dad got a second hand laptop, it was Windows 10 one. It was an Acer one.

The previous owner hadn’t reset the machine, so I was given the job of sorting it out for him.

So the first thing I needed to do was to get into the restore screen, when booting up on the Acer screen I pressed Alt and F10. This sent me to the restore.

I was given the option of doing a complete restore or a restore, but keeping the files and software. I opted for a complete restore. This took a few hours so I left it overnight.

Finally I was able to install Windows 10 as if it was a brand new computer. My final task is more cosmetic, but the machine is filthy, so will give it a good physical clean.

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