MacBook Pro GPU AMD Failure Method 3

MacBook Pro GPU AMD Failure Method 3

Who said Macs just work? So this is the third time a friends Mac has failed, and again, it is the GPU AMD. This time it wouldn’t boot, and it wouldn’t boot into recovery or disk selection. So what I had to do was a mix of method one and two.

WARNING – these worked for me, they may not work for you, ensure you take a full back up before performing any of these tasks, the read only disk image will be faster, but the read-write is better, it still took me two days to perform a backup for a 500GB disk. If your Time Machine is available, use that. The author of will not be held liable for loss of data or broken machines. Do not perform these tasks if you are a novice.

So first, I went into single user mode and followed the instructions over here.

I rebooted, but I still couldn’t get it to boot, it just got so far and then rebooted. I tried to start ArchLinux as detailed in method 2, but no go. So I decided to go into recovery mode.

Go to Utilities and open terminal and performed the second part of method 2.

Once in recovery mode I opened the terminal:

If you have more than one partition run the following lines, if you only have one partition you can skip this bit:

diskutil cs list (find UUID for drive)

diskutil coreStorage unlockVolume UUID

The UUID is the logical volume.

Now, we all need to do the following, run the command:

cd /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD

Now, we need to remove the AMD Kexts, first create a directory where we can stick them on the off chance you need them in the future using the line:

mkdir AMD_Kexts_BU

Now, lets move those AMD Kexts:

mv System/Library/Extensions/AMD*.* AMD_Kexts_BU/

then type in reboot:


In theory, if you have done everything correctly, you should now have a working MacBook Pro.

BUT, please have in mind, this is not a permanent fix. When you upgrade or if you need to reset the SMC or NVRAM you will get the same error and you will need to perform the tasks above again.

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