Install a new hard drive in a Mac

Install a new hard drive in a Mac

So, after some heart ache over at ARRRGGGGGGGHHHHH, my Mac won’t boot into anything! I thought the only thing left was to try another hard drive.

This is for High Sierra, I can’t guarantee that it will work for you. By doing this all your files will be deleted. If you can try and take a back up first.

I took the hard drive that was in the Mac out, I had just literally bought a new external hard drive that I am going to be using for back up purposes. The original hard drive in the Mac was a 500GB drive. The hard drive I am going to use for this check is a WD 2TB hard drive.

First of all, the hard drive I had came with an NTFS partition. We need to make this so it is accessible on the Mac. Two ways of doing this, all depends on what macOS you are using.

Normally, the ideal way of dealing with this is to use installation media, you can download a copy on the App Store, but if you don’t have that, don’t worry, I am going to use Internet recovery, hold down Command, alt/option and R when booting, when you hear the chime release.

For some reason, I couldn’t do this on the Mac that isn’t working, so I had to plug it into my personal machine. Open disk utility and select the drive.

Disk utilities – MacBook Pro

Click on erase. Give the drive a name, the format is Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and scheme is GUID partition map.

Erase – Mackbook Pro

Click on erase.

I still couldn’t get the thing to install. I was getting the error:

you may not install to this volume because the computer is missing a firmware partition

This is what it looked like:

MacBook – Firmware issue

So I went back to the macOS utilities and decided to try and install it using the time machine.

macOS utilities

Select the time machine:

Restore Time Machine

Then the backup:

Time Machine Restore Point

Select the target drive, in this case Paddy:

Time Machine – Target Drive

The restore process will start

Time Machine – restore

After 6 hours, I tried to boot, nothing.

Hmmm, I put the original drive back in, initially it wouldn’t boot. So I thought I would try something different. I held down the alt/option button down and selected the Macintosh HD, this time I got this.

A surprise development with with the original hard drive.

I selected United Kingdom as the location.

Then the keyboard layout:

Select Keyboard

Select my network and stick the password in.

I now get:

macOS installation

For now, I’m not going to transfer any information.

Sign in with your Apple ID:

iCloud login

You’ll be logged in, for now, I’m not going to enable two factor authentication. Click continue:

Two factor authentication one

I decided not to upgrade to two factor authentication.

Two factor authentication two

Agree to the terms and conditions.

Install T&Cs

Now we need create an account, this case admin

Install T&Cs agree

The account will be created and iCloud will be set up.

Create account

I don’t want to set up the keychain yet

iCloud keychain

When you get to express set up, continue.

Install, Express set up

I don’t want the files on the Mac in the iCloud, continue

Disk encryption

I don’t want to set encryption up yet, continue. The Mac will now set up.

Eventually it will reboot. But it won’t boot, still. So I forced reboot holding the alt/option button down and select the hard drive.

It still gets stuck on the Apple screen and shuts down.

To be continued….

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