Still can’t get this Mac to boot!!!!!!!

Still can’t get this Mac to boot!!!!!!!

Already I have discussed how to get this Mac working on Arrrggggggghhhhh, my Mac won’t boot, into anything and Install a new hard drive in a Mac. I was fast running out of options.

After sleeping on it, thought I would go back to basics. There is something that is conflicting, but what.

I stuck the time machine in again, held down the Alt/Option key and booted into macOS utilities

MacBok Pro -macOS Utilities

Click on utilities, then terminal:

MacBook Pro – macOS Utilities Terminal

You will get:

MacBook Pro – Terminal

Most of what I am going to do is over at MacBook Pro GPU AMD failure method 3, although this Mac isn’t encrypted, if yours is, there is some other stuff to do some extra stuff with this time as the hard drive was encrypted.

To unlock, replace the line

diskutil coreStorage unlockVolume UUID


diskutil corestorage unlockVolume UUID -stdinpassphrase

The -stdinpassphrase will prompt you for a password in the command line.

This still didn’t fix it though.

I have already run a diagnostic check, but nothing came up with that. So I am going to do it again but using the internet hardware test. To get into this hold down option/alt and D, you will get this:

Apple Internet Diagnostics

Select your language and the arrow button. You will get:

Apple Internet Diagnostics

Do an extended test:

Apple Internet Diagnostics

It did’t come back with anything.

Lets go back even more to basics, I reset the NVRAM and SMC

To reset the NVRAM, hold down Alt/Option, P and M down, wait until you hear three chimes. To be on the safe side I did it for six chimes, may as well make sure.

Still nothing. Reset the SMC, I thought I needed to press shift, command and alt/option. But I had misread it, it was actually shift, control and alt/option.

Does it boot into safe boot? No. This is very peculiar.

I can only think of one more thing. Otherwise, I am going have to admit defeat.

To be continued…

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