Make a boot up disk for Windows on Ubuntu

Make a boot up disk for Windows on Ubuntu

I needed a Windows 10 start up disk, but I didn’t have a working Windows 10 machine. You can grab one from the Microsoft website.

Once downloaded insert the USB stick into the machine and open disks:

Image of Ubuntu settings.

In the top right hand corner you will see a vertical ellipses:

Vertical Ellipses

It’s advised you format the disk first, then you can restore from disk image.

Restore disk image using Ubuntu

You will get:

Restore image using Ubuntu, selection.

Click on the None:

Select the image to restore.

Click open, then start restoring:

Start restoring:

Confirm you want to restore:

Confirm you want to restore

It will start to restore:

Restore in progress

Eventually Windows 10 will be on the stick.

Win 10 is now on the stick.

In theory, we should be able to use this now as a bootable USB stick. But with newer machines it may need to have the EFI thing. I will discuss how that’s done on another post.

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